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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Wait A Minute

Why do people think criticising Islam and being an atheist are two mutually exclusive things? I don't get it at all. I'm criticising Islam because I'm an atheist. Isn't that so fucking obvious? Okay, not all atheists criticise religion. But a lot of them do. And stop generalising atheists. They only share one major trait, they don't believe in God. And yes, I have to keep repeating this again and again, because some ignorant people just can't seem to or don't want to get it.

Leen, there's a difference between being apathetic and atheist. You can be both, but they're not the same thing. People who don't care about religion is being apathetic towards it. They don't think about it, they are indifferent towards it. Atheists don't believe in it, but this in no way means they don't care about it. You can be an apathetic atheist, which is what Leen is implying I should be. But I'm not. I'm an outspoken atheist.

Your notion of atheism is severely naive and misguided. Again, you know why atheists in Brunei don't bash religion publicly? I think you can work that out by yourself. It's because of the possibility of being ostracised and outcast. Outside Brunei there'a lot of atheists who bash religion publicly, because they can, even though they're still getting death-threats and criticism from the religious people. Or X, are you trying to threaten me? Because I don't actually feel threatened. I knew the risks before I started this.

And yes, I do want people to talk. And I'm talking back. If I'm so against you talking back, I wouldn't have been trying to fucking reply to almost every single question or criticism, and some of them are bordering on insult. I could even just delete the cBox if I didn't want anyone to talk back.

Z, to be honest, what I'm offended by is the stupidity and ignorance of people who think they're engaging in a discussion, but are actually churning out meaningless insults. There's a difference between criticism, satirical commentary, and insult.

I'm against Islam, and I'm an atheist. Happy? That's what I've been saying all this time. I'm against the opression of doubt, ideas and freedom. I'm against the punitive nature and damning restrictions put on by religion. I'm against the racial discrimination and sectarian violence justified so often by religion.

So far no one's actually put a point defending what they believe in. The only thing they're doing is questioning my agenda (which I've explained several times) and ask me to stop writing. So yes, so far this discussion isn't really working. But not through lack of effort from my part.

Really, I would appreciate if someone started defending Islam with more integrity, intelligence and coherence than some of the ignorant, incoherent and condescending threats and insults I've been getting. Trust me, I would respect any Muslim who can genuinely discuss and fight for what he believes in. And I know a few who can. But so far, no one in the cBox has.

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