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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Reason: I'm Back

As I said, I was taking a break. And it's been about 5 days since I last posted.

By the way, on Md's point about reason. I have something I want to say about that. And yes, it concerns God. So all you sensitive religious types, you might wanna just fix your gaze at this photo and count to ten, and then go away:Okay, about reason.

There's a thing called Pascal's Wager. Basically this is the argument. It's better to be a believer than an atheist because if you're a believer and you're right, you go to heaven. If you're wrong, you don't lose anything. If you're an atheist and you're right, when you die you don't get anything. However if you're wrong, you're going to hell. Seems convincing, but this argument has some major flaws.

This argument assumes that the God you believe in, and the religion you adhere to is the right one out of the hundreds of religions out there. When you realise how many 'gods' and religions are out there being worshipped, then you see how improbable it is for your religion to be the correct one.

The other argument assumes that God (or Goddess), if you've somehow managed to choose the right one, be it Yahweh, Allah, Jesus Christ, The Mighty Eagle Ukhtar, Gaia, Ganesh, Buddha, The Invisible Pink Unicorn, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Nkosi Yezulu, Shangdi, Brahman, Ahura Mazda, Deus, Zeus, Ra, Thor or Nike, prefers blind faith to reason. I don't think a God that puts reason, intellect and curiosity into humanity would then make these features irrelevant and force humankind to blindly believe in him without any reasoning.

If there was a God that was intelligent, understanding and reasonable, then I would think He/She would prefer a reasoning mankind. So I don't think a reasoning God would punish His/Her creations for doubting His/Her own existence. I mean, why would an omnipotent, omniscient being be pissed about some insignificant person not believing in its existence? Self-esteem problems, maybe?

If God was to exist, I think he would prefer the reasoning intellect of an atheist than the blind faith of some blithering idiot (this is an extreme. I'm not saying all religious people are blithering idiots) who never question anything and follows every single command to its exact wording.

So if your God is the type to damn people to hell forever for not believing in him, it wouldn't be much different to a dictator who sends people to prison for not agreeing with his views.

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