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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Medieval Fuckers

In Brunei, racism is so natural it's sickening.

Most people still can't stop using the K-word. Even when they already fucking know what it means.

Shut the fuck up, you motherfucking racist. What gives you the fucking right to feel all superior to another race just because of their dark skin colour? Bruneians are in denial. We still say our skin is 'kuning langsat.' The fact is, this is because Malays are descended partly from the Chinese and the Indians. Malay is not even a fucking race on its own.

You think you're better than them? Fucking prove it.

Even MIB is racist. Melayu Islam Brunei. Race, Religion, Nationalism. Three separating factors that are poisonous to obsessive minds. Why should Brunei be exclusively Malay? We're turning multi-ethnic. Face it. Soon it'll be MICBITCHB. Melayu India China Buddha Islam Thailand Christianity Hindu Brunei. Of course that isn't as complete as I would want it, but you get the point.

They say we have freedom of religion in this country. Well, maybe, as long as that religion is Islam. I mean Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism don't even have a say in Brunei. Not at all. Okay, I may be an atheist, but opressions of ideas is something unbelievably medieval, even for the ideas I don't like.

I like ranting. Especially when I'm right.

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