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Tuesday, 9 September 2008



People flame me for trying to get people's attention.

Well, isn't that the whole point of a blog? I mean, if nobody is reading your blog, it'll just be a diary, isn't it? I mean, a blog is nothing without its readers. If you're that offended, then just don't read my blog. It's that fucking simple. When you keep reading my blog and giving me attention (doesn't matter if it is bloody fucking bad attention), then like you said, you're just giving me what I want.

So what if I 'promote' my blog? I want people to discuss this. If they get offended in the process, I've warned them. And besides, it's an issue we will have to talk about sooner or later. I'm just talking about it sooner.

But hey, attention is too simplistic a word. What I'm after is the courage to speak up. To not cower under your momma's skirt at the mention of sex or blasphemy. And here I feel the need to repeat this point, because I'm sure someone dumbass enough to pick me up on this (and not realise I've said this before a million times), I speak up in anonymity because of the messenger-killing thing.

The thing is, if you're attentive enough to criticise me, you should be attentive enough to read the rest of my blog. I've explained my atheism. I've explained that atheism isn't a lifestyle, it's a belief. It's like being a muslim. Some people talk about it, some people don't. Even just being a human being, some people talk about it, some people don't. Some people talk about atheism, some people don't. I do.

I mean, why the fuck do you think atheists don't speak up in Brunei. Damn god fucking think. Do you see a Brunei Atheistic Association anywhere? Do you see atheistic conventions being held at ICC? You bloody moron. They don't speak up because they don't have an outlet. They'll get fucking ostracised the minute they admit publicly they're an atheist. I mean, there's no way the Ministry of Internal Affairs would even let anything remotely atheistic to be held. Heck, even other religions don't get a say, much less atheists.

And if you're thinking outside of Brunei, then you're so damn god wrong. People talk about this all the time. They talk about it everywhere. Do you ever read newspapers, books, magazines, blogs or watch TV? There's a lot of this stuff out there. You just have to look for it.

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