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Monday, 8 September 2008

Question & Answer

Thanks for Guest1 (or 2 or 3) for being the first to comment on my cBox. And trying to point out a few things:

[1] What am I aiming for?
[2] Why am I staying anonymous?
[3] Do I think I'm good enough to start offending people?

So here we go.

[1] My aim

I think that's easy enough. To point out things that can be fixed. And besides, I've said this a few times, this blog is a RANT. Millions of people rant everyday. This blog isn't aimed to change the world. It's aimed to point out the things I see that's wrong in my eyes. It's constructive criticism disguised in skepticism, cynicism, sarcasm and f-words. I'm trying to make a subtle point by being very brash and harsh.

People rant about shoes, boyfriends and public transport. I just happen to rant about race, religion and sex.

[2] Why am I staying anonymous?

This is obvious. In Brunei, if they don't take well to the message, they kill the messenger. Take for instance, the UBD girl. We all know what happened. Jog your memory. And besides, in real life, I'm a pleasant, friendly person who gets along with people. This is my alter-ego. This is my alternate being, my split-identity. That's the point of making this blog. To let this part of myself loose.

If I start to reveal who I am, I won't be offending people for too long. People will force me to close this blog down. And until there's freedom of speech in Brunei, I will keep myself anonymous.

A lot of the time, people who want offensive, anonymous writers to come clean with their identity, want that to happen because they wanna report them or see them be banned or whatever.

Thanks, Guest1, for pointing this out. Because sometimes we all value real identities.

[3] Do I try to offend people because I think I'm good enough?

My side-objective is to offend people. Well, not really. I started out just trying to be honest, but then I realised that by trying to be brutally honest, I WILL offend people. So I'm embracing it.

And no, I don't offend people because I think I'm good enough.

And if you even have enough common sense you'll know you don't have to be good enough to offend people. Is there a bar you must reach to be able to offend people? Because as so far as I know, the people who offend me are so unbelievably stupid, it's their stupidity that usually offends me the most.

And again, good enough in what sense? Heck, if I'm able to articulate what I want to say, voice out my views and spell 'articulate,' then I think I'm good enough to offend people. Millions of people are articulate enough to be good enough to voice out offending views.

What offends me the most though, is when people who aren't articulate enough, or copy and paste their views from books (this includes the Quran), try and voice out their views. Okay, the fact that they're talking isn't what offends me. It's the fact that they don't think for themselves.

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