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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bastard Of A Deranged Dog

Can you please read the whole fucking blog before you fucking ask any questions?

It's like talking to kids, patiently answering every single bloody question, most of them repeated a million times, in slightly differing forms.

"What's this for?"
"Why is it there?"
"What's it made for?"
"Can I play with it?"
"Why can't I play with it?"
"Can you fucking answer me, you fucking bastard of a deranged dog?!"

I know the risks when I put this blog out. Which is why I took some precautions. But hey, as with the internet, as we all know and is pointed out by x, we can never be fully anonymous. But we can bloody fucking try. I mean, that 16/f/bru girl you talked to yesterday on mirc (do people still use this thing? Haha), how do you know it isn't some 40-year-old horny paedophile wanting a piece of your teenage ass? You can't really know, can you now? I'm pretty sure the girl who sent you that hot picture a couple of days ago has a penis hidden somewhere under that cute mini-skirt.

And read the details. I don't want to repeat anything I've said.

What I realise is, that people read only what they want to see, and that's the offensive stuff. It's like watching Titanic and only ranting about the sex scenes. Granted, it's three stupidly long hours, and even the sex scenes aren't worth it, and Kate Winslet isn't that hot anyway, but you get my drift. What I mean here is that once they see one offensive statement, everything else fades away into sheer irrelevance.

And you know what?

I don't have to fucking justify myself to you. I can choose to, but it's not my fucking obligation.

I was spending hours yesterday trying to reply repeated questions and repeated criticisms, and the minute I took a break, people say I was a coward. Oh fuck-a-doodle-do. I have better things to do in my life than spend half my day justifying my blog to people who don't really read it anyway.

The thing is, when they see Islam, fuck and stupid in the same sentence, then they don't bother to read anything else. They start bringing out giant pitchforks and try to throw rocks at my humble abode of piss.

If you have a question you want answered directly, e-mail me. It's on my bloody fucking blogger profile. I'll answer it on a FAQ I'll do in the near future.

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