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Saturday, 8 November 2008

To Hire A Private Jet

Damn it. I'm fucking bored.

I've realised, that the link to the article on my blog has been e-mailed to some people. Yeah, it's obvious.

It's either people are promoting it, or people are pissed off about it. Either way, it's all good.

Hey, give it up for Guest4:

Guest4: Hmm, nice one. I would like to add that the government officials are taking advantages out of this

I need a clarification. What does this mean? It's so damn ambiguous. Advantages, as in, "yes, we are listening to you, oh Jason Biggs. You've got a point there," or "how dare you, Jason Biggs, we will fucking hunt you down like a rabid dog."

I sure hope it's not the second one. If it is, it just shows how close minded and unaccepting people are of criticism. It's all immediately categorised into one big, sweeping category, called S-L-A-N-D-E-R. Or treason. Or bullshit like that.

I'm not saying all the facts in there are true. But a lot in that article is. Most of us even know which. I mean, a few wrong facts shouldn't overshadow some of the more horrific, true points.

On a funnier note, that post attracted two spam comments. A bit annoying, but hey, unavoidable, I guess:

Blogger mikemathew said...

Royal unveiled her presidential platform in a much-awaited speech on Sunday that her party hopes will inject new momentum into her flagging campaign. The rightwing Le Figaro said Royal had presented a "catch-all" programme, advancing ill-defined proposals and failing to spell out how the French state would pay for the new social benefits.
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06 November 2008 02:42

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07 November 2008 22:05

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We shouldn't kill the messenger. Kill the message. Oh, that doesn't really work, does it? I'm a messenger. Some would say a messenger of hate and blasphemy. But others, a messenger of openness and constructive critical discussion. For those who haven't decided, well. I feel sorry for you.

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