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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Sex-Disease Pie Chart

Hahaha. No, there's no pie chart.

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STDs are diseases. STIs, infections.

To stop anyone from having sex because of the avoidable possibility of contracting an STD is like stopping your kid from riding the bicycle because he might get bruises.

Obviously STDs are much worse than a bruise. And losing your virginity is a much bigger step than your first bicycle ride. Though a bruise is actually more likely, provided people are more educated about sex.

The naturality (I'm making this term up) of STDs is irrelevant to whether you should have sex or not, because STDs are diseases, i.e. the consequences if you do it unhygienically/carelessly/recklessly and are avoidable/preventable. It's hard to illustrate this point because of the severity of STDs.

Let us contrast sex with smoking.

Smoking directly damages your lung. It's the act of smoking itself. It doesn't matter if you smoke carefully or safely, you're still damaging your lungs. Smoking by definition is harmful to the body.

Sex on the other hand, does not directly damage anything. The act of having sex does not automatically transmit STDs if you don't have one or if you're careful. There is no reputable health organisation that would make posters that would say sex=STDs. Instead they say unsafe sex leads to STDs.


From a philosophical view of whether STDs are natural or not, it's quite hard to answer. This section discusses STDs as a disease separately from sex.

A disease by definition is: an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions and can be deadly.

So it's abnormal. Automatically we think this means unnatural.

But then do we think of the flu as unnatural? Do we think a fever is unnatural? Abnormal just means out of the norm, not necessarily unnatural.

Diseases are abnormal to the body but are natural in its conception. It's a product of nature. Cells mutate all the time. And from so many of these mutations we get cancer and HIV. But also from these mutations we get diversity. We don't look exactly like our parents because of gene mutation.


I can only spend a certain amount of time before I get bored writing an entry in my blog. I wonder why that is. The excitement just fades as I get into this tedious construction and deconstruction.

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