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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Chocolate-Coated Marijuana

I'm going to talk about sex again, after I've left this topic alone for quite a while.

Really, it's to do with how out of perspective we are about the dangers of sex when compared to say, the dangers of violence. Here are two situations that are almost identical yet produce very different reactions:

A boy caught watching Titanic (yes, I know it's old):

A boy caught watching Rambo IV:To be honest, I'd rather my children be having sex than killing people (when they're properly sexually educated and mature, of course). I'd rather have my kids influenced by something rather natural than something that is violent and insensitive to the concept of human life.

People mistrust sex. People mistrust something that they are told is wrong and yet feel so good. The thing is, sex is like chocolate. The more people say it's wrong, the more they want it. Coincidentally chocolate makes women release the same hormones that are produced during orgasm. Yes, I had to fit that fact in somewhere.

Violence is like marijuana. It's not socially acceptable to talk about it, never mind practice it. But then people gather around and have a go at it from time to time.

Funnily enough, people would rather be tagged as sexy than violent. Hahaha.

So yes, I'd rather my children eat chocolate than smoke pot.

Just something I had to say to clear my mind.

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