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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Sex-Love Venn Diagram

Guest4: So you're saying it's natural if our kids got infected with STDs and we should simply accept that?

Guest4: Hahah.Right, sex education.Both sex and violence project a similar effect to the public


I was wondering if you intentionally missed the point in brackets:

"To be honest, I'd rather my children be having sex than killing people (when they're properly sexually educated and mature, of course)."

I'll take it out of the brackets, just to make it clearer:

"when they're properly sexually educated and mature, of course"

Having sex does not equal STDs. Making sweet love to your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/neighbour's wife or husband/Angelina Jolie does not automatically give you crabs/herpes/AIDS/hepatitis/celebrity status.

I've always supported safe, educated sex. Condoms, sex education, the likes.

You're assuming I let my (imaginary) kids run wild and have sex with anyone and everyone without protection and education. That's stupid. For you to assume that. And for me if I actually did that.

The problem is the lack of sex education. I know, you would've read this argument a million times. I really don't want to repeat anything. The basic thing is that without proper sex education people will practice unsafe sex and teenagers/youths/adults/oldies will have sex outside marriage with or without sexual education. Better safe than sorry (pun very much intended).

Marriage isn't actually a magic STD-blocker, by the way. Of course monogamy will reduce your chances of getting an STD, but then monogamy can apply outside marriage. This also assumes the one you're actually marrying is STD-free.

So marriage reduces the chance of contracting STD.

So does a piece of Durex rubber.

By a bigger margin.

Love versus Lust. That was a point brought up by Md. Yes, I do read the Chatbox. Yay.

Yes, inspite of my lack of faith in marriage (or perhaps because of it), I do personally relate sex with love. When I talk about love here, I mean romantic love. I don't mean platonic love or family love or brotherly love. That's a whole completely different venn diagram.

This is my personal venn diagram. That does that not mean that I fall in love or with anyone I lust for, neither do I confuse that lust with love. It's in fact the opposite. I lust for the one I fall in love with. The lusting comes after the falling in love. I do lust for people I don't love, but then other than in my own personal fantasy world (very few virgins, I prefer experience. Hahaha), I'm not planning or hoping to have sex with them any time soon. Example, in my fantasy world, I'd love to make sweet love with Angelina, but then in real life, fuck no. I don't love her in a romantic way, so in terms of reality, I don't therefore 'lust' for her.

That small exclusive to sex part is when I watched Angelina Jolie in 'Wanted' and 'Gia.'

Some might have it like this:
To them, sex is an almost or fully separate entity from love. And I totally understand this view.

This is also another view:

I just put that in for laughs. People who love p0rn sex but know nothing about love or actual sex (i.e. inconsiderate, selfish partners or horny, preteen virgins).

My attention tank just ran out.

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