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Monday, 20 October 2008

A Weak Update

I have to admit, I am sometimes perplexed at some of the replies I got. Some of them don't make sense, some of them are pretentious. Some of them are way off the point. A minority covers those three pillars. I'm not gonna say who.

I know, the activity in this blog is waning day by day, and it's mostly my fault. I used to update once every couple of days, at least. Now it's once a week. As I have recently discovered, I also have a life to live. My real life, not being Jason Biggs.

It's weird nobody pointed out who the real Jason Biggs is. It's the actor from American Pie. Yeah, that's the one. I don't know why I chose a virgin high-school loser to be my pseudonym. Maybe I relate to that somehow. Hahahahaha.

I need to find back that anger, that surge of rebelliousness, recklessness yet in no way thoughtless.

I need an injection of revolution into my veins, then I'll be up and running.

I will return. For real.

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