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Friday, 10 October 2008

Oblivious Beings

Fuck it, it's not right. The oblivious overrides the obvious. The ignorant collaborates with the arrogant. The state of the state was and is in dire need for change. Revolution and evolution are the vehicles for change. The revolution of ideas and the evolution of ethics. And vice versa. The ageing wolves are in it for the long haul, they will not let go that easily. They will do everything in their power to keep the status quo, which favours them.

The preachers preach of righteousness and morality, yet in the same message they preach an embracing of hate, prejudice, oppression and intolerance. The poisonous propaganda is ingrained, and the effects are long-lasting. It's in the blood and flows through your brains and hearts. It becomes a part of your subconscious. You accept the message of hate, prejudice, oppression and intolerance because it is diluted with ideas of hope, purpose and luxury.

Apathy and complacency become obedience and submission. Ignoramuses.

The search for answers should not end at the first answer we get, because when it comes to questions that matter, it is not enough. Questions are more important than answers. False answers make for false epiphanies. False epiphanies lead to unalterable fallacies, embedded into a society reluctant to change the status quo. Questions on the other hand, can never be false. Irrelevant, maybe. But never false.

We are the generation that can initiate change. As more of us become better educated than our forefathers, then we will see beyond our comfort zone and dare to question the status quo.

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