Rant Back

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Poisonous Western Media Propaganda

Don't you notice, that any really big news about the royal family that doesn't involve either a wedding or a surprise visit to a primary school never, ever turns up on the local newspapers? Oh, you've more than noticed. Either that, or you treat Pelita Brunei as the be-all end-all source of news, with Borneo Bulletin just a minor source for comic relief. Garfield, anyone? I don't like the new strip. I can't remember what it's called. The name escapes me. Of course everyone likes Garfield, the inoffensive, obese, lethargic cat who hates Mondays and dogs, much like the typical Bruneian. Obviously if you treat PB as the encyclopedia of all knowledge (which I know most of you don't), you won't be reading this at all.

It's freedom of speech we're talking about here. It's censorship. It's journalistic censorship.

I know that for a lot of people, the royals are untouchable. To be honest, I don't think they should be. They should be subject to scrutiny as much as everyone else, if not more. I mean, if one of the princes decides to have a massive party with generous amounts of alcohol and the Pussycat Dolls dancing gleefully somewhere (just an example, people. Hahaha), then I think I should be able to say something against that openly without fear of a KDN official jumping out of the bushes with a potato sack and a horse tranquiliser.

I know people do talk a lot about these things, but only through word of mouth. It's never in writing. Maybe people have complained. Maybe people have written. But there's no evidence of it. They're never gonna publish a letter saying that though our princes have a tendency to be madly in love with celebrities, that doesn't mean millions should be spent for the expression of that particular sentiment. I mean, I'm in love with Angelina Jolie myself (girlfriend's not here... safe), but I don't go out of my way to send her a diamond-studded baby from a third-world country.

I wanna watch Beowulf all over again. Thanks for reminding me. Virtual Angie nakedness. The next best thing to the real thing.


  1. so why don't YOU say something about them? Why do you mention KDN all the time? Are you being chased by KDN?

    Ahhh I remember now. This is about being offensive and getting attention. You want their attention. Sneaky you. Go get em gurl.

  2. I'm sorry but y do u repeat the story about the royals spending money or millions on these celebrities, how do u know it's true, it's not , so don't go spreading these things esp when u don't have any evidence and your only proof is you read them online...

  3. These aren't tabloids or gossip sites. These are reputable journalists from respectable newspapers.

    New York Times, Businessweek, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph. These aren't just online sites. These are major journalistic newspapers acclaimed for their excellent journalism.