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Friday, 3 October 2008

Road Trip To Fill The Void

Hey guys (and girls. And hermaphrodites). I'm back.

I apologise for the indefinite, unplanned hiatus that I had to take. It was unforeseen, necessary and now, it's all over. So. After about two weeks of no posts, here I am. I checked my jasonbiggskills e-mail account and in those two weeks I get a meager 6 e-mails, all but one from Gabrielle Moore, a sex specialist (it's spam, unfortunately, but she's got good tips), and the other from cBox asking me if I want to upgrade to premium. Hell no. I'm thinking of opening a Facebook account for Jason Biggs. Who thinks it's a good idea? I'm not sure what it would achiece, but hey, I think it'd be nice.

I've mellowed down a bit in the last two weeks, so right now I don't feel like talking about anything in particular. Sorry to disappoint you. I'll discuss about something soon though. I promise.

Oh. What about Raya?

I quite like the whole thing. I mean, sure, we go completely over the top when it comes to Raya, but it's still fun. A road trip to KB with friends to meet friends. You can not not like a road trip. Albeit in our case a very short one.

I mean, it's become a thing of culture, Raya. It's not really religious anymore. It's more of a national ceremony. You spend a thousand on new sofas, hundreds on green packets of ang pow, a hundred thousand on a new Mercedes, three hundred thousand for your wife's breast enlargement surgery, a thousand for two extra maids just for the month, and four thousand on a new television. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but hey, the whole Raya thing is an exaggeration anyway.

You know what freaks me out? Kids going to strangers' houses for money. I mean, sure, it looks innocent. And most of the time, it is. But in these paranoid times, surely some people would think that there might just be a paedophile or two drooling at such opportunities. I wonder if there are any paedophiles in Brunei. There must be. I mean, seriously, when we were kids, some of us would've met the uncle who likes being with children just a bit too much and can be a bit touchy. Most of the time we ignore it and dismiss it as nothing but a playful pinch or pat on the stomach. Sure, not all of these uncles are paedophiles, but hey, we got to be careful.

I don't have a specific agenda here. It's like a stream-of-consciousness thing. I might've got the term wrong. I'm just writing what comes into my head right now. So I apologise if it comes out as nonsense.

I'll try harder next time. I'm just filling a void.

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