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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

You're So Laughable

A lot of people in Brunei are so image-fucking-conscious.

Everything we're asked to do is to some degree to make a good impression on the people currently watching you and judging you and watching you more carefully, and then scrutinizing that bulge in your pants as you're fantasizing about that girl at the 'kem perempuan' (at an orang-kahwin) being naked and licking your abs (which in real life don't exist), then stripping you down to nothing, then...

Oh, I'm sorry. I got carried away there.

The point is, everything you do in Brunei is constantly being scrutinized. To the smallest detail. What? You got back home last night two minutes late? Oh, you must be fucking the neighbour or that guy your mum saw you were with for two seconds in the Mall. You want to move out and be independent? Oh, you must be having orgies every night.

Bruneians are also sex-obsessed, as you can tell. And I won't deny it, I'm including myself. But really, even the people who aren't having it are ranting about it. It's borne out of an inner desire to get laid themselves. It's a case of if "I'm not getting laid, nobody else will". Sure, they won't admit it. Hell, they would even say that it's not that, it's religion. It's this. It's that.

Sure, I buy that. Totally.

Hey, it's not all about sex.

Public image.

Don't do that. The neighbours will think this. Don't do this. Your uncles and aunts will think that. It always ends with "what will the [insert appropriate group of people] think/say?" Or, or. What will God say?

I have a problem with this argument. A very severe problem.

I think people who use God in every argument are arrogant, assholes and asexual. How's that for alliteration? First of all, who the fuck are you to declare yourself God's chosen representative on Earth? Okay, maybe that's over the top. What I'm saying is, don't pass judgment on someone based on what you think God thinks.

By the way, I'm an atheist. I think the concept of a God, or even gods, laughable.

But just to show how much of a nice guy I am, I'm arguing the point as if I believe in the Almighty Himself is looking over me.

So, does it offend you, yeah?

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