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Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Religious Pill

Did I mention I'm an atheist?

Oh, don't act so shocked about it. Trust me, there's a lot of Bruneians who are atheists or agnostics. And I don't blame them.

And no, I didn't skip the whole religious education system. And no, I didn't spend my whole entire life out of Brunei. In fact, I spent my whole entire fucking life before this in Brunei. Of course in Brunei you can't really have a fucking life, literally. For me at least, it was difficult. Trying to find a place to fuck in Brunei for me was fucking impossible. Or impossible fucking, as I like to call it.

I know the spots, I know the hidden corners. Even in school I knew there were people sucking girls' tits in classrooms and fucking their respective partners senseless in Centrepoint toilets. But I don't know enough to go around. My sex life in Brunei was entirely uneventful.

Okay, back to religious school, or Sekolah Ugama. Tauhid was a bitch to understand. Nothing made less sense to me than trying to justify God's existence through some very pathetic 'proofs,' if that's what you wanna call it. I can't believe they're brainwashing kids with this stuff. Illogical, nonsensical proofs that even with the slightest scrutiny by my 7-year-old brain, was found to be a load of bullshit. A whole lotta crap.

Sekolah Ugama is a brainwashing machine. That's what it is.

So I guess I become an agnostic at age 7. I think that's quite impressive, don't you think? And then a few years (maybe even a decade) after that, I became an atheist.

When a guy, say Richard Dawkins, criticises religion, people criticise him because they say religion is too easy a target. That it shouldn't be taken literally. That the Bible, the Quran, whatever, shouldn't be translated literally. That religion makes people happy. Bla de bla de bla.

Okay. In the first place, why is it such an easy target? Because it's bullshit. Religion (especially organised) makes itself too easy a target with its claim of miracles and messiatic phropecies and saviours.

And a lot of people take the religious books literally. Brunei is a good example. I don't even have to elaborate on that.

Religion makes people happy? Maybe so, but illusory happiness is still illusory. It's a damn god illusion. See, a drunk person is happy, but that happiness is illusory. Religion is a drug, and a strong one at that. As Karl Marx said, it is the opium for the masses. Of course someone argued once that opium is the opium for the masses, but that's way besides the point.

One might say religion is the only way one can become moral. But that again, is just bullshit. I'll discuss that soon.

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