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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Get Laid & Get With It

My first post. I'm fucking damn god excited. What shall I write then?

Oh, have I already offended you? I'm flattered. That was, really, my intention of starting up this blog. To offend as many people as possible. And along the way to entertain and put a smile to that face that just can't wait to get laid, at least deep inside.

So people, you need to get laid. That's the bottom line.

And by you, I mean all those uptight, morally self-righteous, judgemental fuckers who panic and run around in circles shitting themselves at the slight mention of sex.

These people are the one who need to get laid the most urgently. I don't care how, I don't care where, just make it happen. Be it in Thailand (no child-sex please, you sick fuckers) or Soho, or even with your orgasm-starved husband/wife (if you're married, or if you're not, just pretend the one you're having sex with is indeed someone you're married to). As soon as fucking possible.

The next advice is: Calm the fuck down.

You don't need to police every single thing that's happening around you. Unless it affects you or society directly, shut the fuck up. We don't want to hear your hypocritical bullshit being vomitted out of your cock-starved lips.

Thanks very much for reading my very first Jason Biggs Kills post

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