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Thursday, 14 August 2008

One Earth Under Gay

I think lesbians are slowly taking over the Mall in Gadong.

I'm being serious. They're so ubiquitous we don't notice them anymore. Oh, by the way, ubiquitous basically in this context means all over the fucking place.

Okay, I'm all for unrepressed sexuality here, but it seems to me here, it's just a trend. A fad. The cool thing to be. If you're a not-so-good-looking, weight-challenged female (hey, I'm trying to be politically correct here, give me a break), then being a delightful homosexual is the cool thing to be.

I wonder when being gay (boy on boy) will be cool. Imagine two guys holding hands walking around the Mall. Imagine the ruckus. I want to see that. I'll pay good money to see two black-clad emos from SOAS booking a couple seat at the Cineplex.

But if this is what I hope it is, I think it's good. I mean, people embracing their sexuality. That's all fine and dandy.

I don't like people who say homosexuality is unnatural. If it's so unnatural, then it would be unnatural to think that it would happen so often in nature. But it does. In fact, a lot more than we would like to think. Here's a list of animals that scientists have observed to display homosexual behaviour:

Elephants, bears, rats, buffalos, cats, cheetahs, dolphins, chickens, gulls, salmons, frogs, lizards, snakes, dogs, raccoons, penguins, koalas, whales, guinea pigs, chimpanzees, goats, squirrels, antelopes, seals, horses, chipmunks, shrews, possums, sheep, monkeys, deers, rabbits, kangaroos, hyenas, tasmanian devils, gazelles, bats, warthogs, giraffes, foxes, gorillas, manatees, orangutans, mice.

That's just a small part of the list. You can google 'animal sexuality' if you want. In fact, it is widely believed that there are very few species found with no homosexual behaviour.

Does that mean it justifies homosexuality in humans? Not necessarily, but hey, it throws the 'unnaturalness' argument out of the 36th-fucking-floor window.

I'm straight by the way. Mostly. I think. I've got a girlfriend. That's got to count for something, doesn't it?

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