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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obama Obama

Did anyone watch the inauguration ceremony a couple of days ago?

The inaugu-what?

Yes, Obama is now officially the new President of the Wor... I mean the United States of America. I think it's awesome that a half-black man who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia with a middle name like 'Hussein' can become a US President.

No, no. That's not sarcasm. Trust me, it's not. I'm being honest. I think it's awesome.

I am an Obamaniac, yes. I followed him all the way from the primary elections. I quite like his policies and his charisma. He's not someone you'd forget. I mean, I'm already starting to forget who John McCain was. Isn't he the guy who makes those oven chips?

Do I expect instant changes to the world? Do I expect an overnight recovery of the world economy? Do I expect an end of all wars by July 4th?

You must be kidding me. Of course not. What I do expect though are slow, assured changes and steps towards these goals.

Obama's been talking about the fall of partisanship i.e. it doesn't matter what party you stand for. I think the concept of parties are absurd anyway. You choose a party, then adhere to all its ideologies without question? Sounds too much like religion for me.

I need an ice-blended mocha. You, get me one. Now. I said now!

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