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Friday, 27 February 2009

Harun Yahya, You Say?

I just realised why so many Muslims are against evolution. At least partly why. It's because they've read books by a supposed Muslim scientist who "disproved" Evolution. I've also seen people reading his other books, like "Quran Leads The Way To Science" which ironically only gives the name of only one Muslim scientist in his 'Scientists of Faith' lists. [1]

This person is of course Adnan Oktar, who is better known as his pen name Harun Yahya.

Did you know this guy has no scientific background? There's no mention of him having qualifications in biology, chemistry or anything scientific for that matter. Not even on his own website. [1] For a guy who is so against materialism, he really loves his Versace suits, Versace shirts, Versace tie and Versace sunglasses. He's even got a Versace tie-clip thing [1].

Never mind many of his books are inaccurate and erroneous. He also has poor grasps of scientific facts and theories. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]. He also distorts hadith to serve his own meaning. [1]. He also cannot take criticism well, trying to censor/ban anything that disagrees with him in Turkey [1] [2] [3]. For someone who claims to have disproven Evolution, he doesn't even understand the concept of Darwinisn. [1] In that video he also shows himself to be fond of conspiracy theories.

Did you know this guy is trying to avoid getting into jail after being arrested for "creating an illegal organization for personal gain"? [1] [2]

A Turkish TV video of Harun Yahya's "arguments" being refuted by someone else. Also, you can see how irritating broken English can be. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Here are my own about evolution vs creation: [First] [Hoax?]

For me he doesn't sound like a reliable source at all. For anything.


  1. Adnan Oktar is one of the best Islamic writers in this century.He is not only a writer but also a sincere and passionate Muslim, who aims for all to get to know and love Allah.
    I'm from Turkey. I'm a fan of his work.He does interviews each and every day on local channels about the Quran and answers all questions coming from viewers on the live.
    Actually one of your comments was asked to him; about him not having detailed knowledge about scientific issues. He said that (as far as I can recall) "I'm not going into the details of the subject, knowledge is for Allah to give to whom He chooses.It is not difficult to see the work of Allah, it is every where."
    I think he is great!

  2. Well then, he is blatantly admitting that he doesn't know what he is actually talking about in detail.

    His arguments lack imagination. It's basically this:

    "I can't imagine how this could work. It must be God!"

    God of the gaps. Any void is filled with God

    I've read his books.

    If Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) is going to try to disprove evolution, he should at least know what it's about.

    He confuses evolution with abiogenesis. He has a distorted view of what a transitional fossil is. He is hypocritical on his views of Materialism. He implies that Darwinism caused Nazism through tenuous links.

    He doesn't know the difference between scientific theory and unverified ideas. He has a poor grasp of logic (his idea of modus tollendo ponens is for example, inaccurate).

    If he is indeed a sincere and passionate Muslim (I have reason to believe he's not), the fact that he does not have any scientific background or detailed knowledge does not make him a scholar on evolution or why it is untrue.