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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Buses II

Sequel to Buses.

Number One:
Something for National Day. Kedewasaan Bernegara. Being proud of our Sultan's obscene spending habits.

Number Two:
If God is omniscient and omnipotent, I find it absurd that he's always angry at me all the time. He knows what I was going to do, and he made me do it using his will, yet he's mad at me anyway?

Number Three:
The fear of hell. Manipulating our fears, using them to make us believe. Don't do this, or else you'll get tortured in Satan's fiery abode.

Actually, I feel sorry for Satan. Allah is a twat for punishing Satan. He knew all along it was going to happen anyway. He knew by creating Adam & Eve he would make Satan jealous. I mean, I would be. Satan wasn't top dog anymore. It was a case of nepotism of godly proportions. I'll say it again, Allah is a twat.

There's also a theory that the supposed '72 virgins' promised to martyrs could've been mistranslated. It could mean raisins.

Number Four:
The hypocrisy of men (and boys). After an afternoon of making fun of gays, they go home, turn on their PCs (or Macs) and start masturbating to lesbian porn. Apparently they don't want to be turned gay with dicks everywhere in hetero porn.

Number Five:
Why is faith good? says Bill Maher. Having faith does not make it true. I mean, Hitler had faith in Nazism. Tom Cruise has faith in Scientology. Does faith make it true?

Number Six:
Islam as having all the answers. Anyone who claims to know all the answers, I'll treat with extreme suspicion. Especially one who follows a dead person who claimed an indescribable powerhouse is watching over us and that we shall all not eat for thirty days in a year and wash our hands from right to left 3 times for each, and do the same things with other parts and then do a serious of rituals in a building that costs hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to make.

Number Seven:
Self-explanatory. Well, kind of.

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