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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The cBox Is Not The Best Place

Okay, first I apologise for having been absent for what has been quite a 'productive' exchange in the cBox. I've been really busy for the past couple of weeks.

The problem is, the cBox does not notify me nor is it convenient for me to check [older messages]. Please, if you can, if what if you're trying to say requires more than one line on the cBox, please, please use the comment box on the blog entries. It's easier for me and everyone else to keep track what comment refers to what post, and so it's easier for me to reply. And comments stay on the comment box. Comments on the cBox disappear after a while, so people might not know if they're repeating the same point a person made a few weeks before.

After going through the cBox, I still find many comments not worth replying to.

I don't really mind people coming to this blog challenging what I say. I'm not one for censorship here. It's just that there's always the temptation to really filter out stuff that their best are irrelevant, and at their worst just too plain stupid. But hey, I've not acted on that temptation so far.

I guess for people it's an easy idea to just banish people out of the country who simply doesn't agree with you. People don't really get the idea that you can still criticise something while appreciating it, or even loving it. There's so many things wrong in Brunei, but then there's always something wrong with any country. Running away from the problem does not fix it. Nor does exiling people who voice out the problems.

One of Izzati's points. About the scientific nature of the Quran. The idea of modern scientific theory can be derived from the Quran, is quite frankly, in my opinion, just bullshit. I don't assume people who say the Quran is scientific to be idiots. I'm saying the arguments I've read so far are ignorant, manipulated propaganda. It does not help that one of the proponents of Quranic science is shown to be a criminal, manipulative bastard. But I know it doesn't invalidate the arguments either. The thing is, the arguments themselves usually don't validate themselves. Trust me (or not), I've read and seen people argue for Quranic science (and other forms of 'science,' mostly creationist 'science). Many make me cringe. I don't assume. I actually research a lot of this stuff.

I can't challenge the Quran? What is that supposed to mean? And saying something is a linguistic miracle is a bit meaningless. Shakespeare managed to write whole plays using iambic pentameters and still manages to write dialogue that is both insightful and entertaining. Milton wrote ten books of Paradise Lost while being blind. C.S. Lewis wrote poems with nonsense words that are revered as a magnificient use of linguistic rules that seem to mean something and nothing at the same time. The term linguistic miracle is a subjective term. Miracle is a subjective term. Some palindromes here and there do not constitute as a miracle. Seeing patterns here and there does not constitute a miracle.

And I still find it hilarious how Bibit does not remember how he said these things:

: the more I read your blog, the more i find it absurd. you're talking as if you studied Sociology and religion for two years and bammmmmmmmm you are an Atheist. Cali.

bibit: how old are u again Jason? 19, 20, 21? you still need to learn more..iatah ni baru jua abis belajar.

For some reason people cannot imagine a 7-year-old being inquisitive and curious. Is it too hard to believe a child may just question what people are saying because it doesn't make sense to him? Of course I was playing guli, gatah and skopong with my friends, but I bet your 7th year alive did not consist solely of those things. If it's really that hard for you to imagine an inquisitive 7-year-old, then I cannot hope to convince you.

And again, why does my age matter? I could be 20, I could be 15, I could be 35, heck I could be fucking 5 or 95 for all you care. Does that make my points less valid? Heck, a 5-year-old making a good point is still a 5-year-old making a good point. An 80-year-old making a terrible point is still an 80-year-old making a terrible point. And it could be vice versa. Why has my age become a topic? It's weird.

And it's kind of stupid telling people they're being blasphemous when they don't actually believe what they're blaspheming against.


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  2. Hey Jason Biggs,

    I'm a regular reader. (and I do mean regular) and I just wanted to say I think it's cool that you're willing to voice out your opinions.. Your point of views are interesting and very well thought of. (and I agree, even a child may question about one's belief, it's just that the topic just doesn't impact their actions and thought as much as it would if they were older.)

    Though I do have a few questions about your theories. Especially on the 'Evolution Vs Creation' topic.

    I mean.. Like seriously, do you honestly believe that the world, this place we call earth, and us were just made by... accident?

    I think that fact seems far-fetched to me:for it to just be a coincidence that out of no-where somehow a whole universe was made.

    Anyhow, other than that, I accept their are flaws in all religion but God must exist. I'm not gonna say which religion is right, but God must exist; be it Ghandi or Allah and even Christ.

    I think the best explanation to the most disasters in life was well-quoted from the 'Angels and Demons' book (a very delightful book to read):

    'Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed'.

    On the other hand, I find your blog as thrilling 'cause you just don't hear these kinds of talks in this country. It's either about someone's life, their woes and ofcourse gossip. *eye roll*

    People just don't ask the big questions, never discussing the important topics.

    Please do keep on posting. (and sorry for the long comment)

  3. Hello. Just want to say, don't talk about something that you really don't know. I don't think you've read the whole Quran and understand it contents. I'm sure you have a tafsir at home. Read the whole translation. Then you can discuss it with respects, alright.

  4. Najemi,

    I've read many parts of the Quran. I've read the tafsirs. In fact a few months ago, I did an analysis of the claim that The Big Bang is in the Quran, but I concluded it was not. I used a tafsir done by a Muslim and authorised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Brunei.

    Just because I disagree with what's in the Quran does not mean I don't know what it means